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This is written for the FMA_Slashfest. I picked the one with Ling/Ed and bondage. Though it's light bondage and things around here have been pretty quiet and so here I am with fic. :) 


Title – Nervous Beginnings

Pairing – Ling/Edward

Word count – 2,278

Disclaimer – I do not own FMA. Nor do I make any money off this fic.

Warnings – vanilla BDSM, language

Rating – nc17

Summary – Ed’s first time giving up control during sex and he's very nervous. Ling will have to be very reassuring. And make it amazing so Ed will agree to let him do it again.


Nervous Beginnings - Ling/EdCollapse )

Pairing: Ling/Ed, Ed/Winry as a side
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: PG
Warning: None really.
Summary: Ling does some undercover work to ensure he gets his way
Notes: First post to the LingXEd Community. Seems a bit barren, but there is only one way to fix that.

Clickith I!

Title: Living a Dream
Word Count: 1,801 
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Roy/Ed/Ling
27 Ling/Roy/Ed- Shenanigans at Xing 
 Roy and Ed were looking for something in Xing...they found Ling ecstasy soon follows
Warnings: Kinky three-way smut
Notes: This may very well end up my other OT3... enjoy! Written for fma_slashfest

He is quite the vision like this isn’t he, General?
The FMA Slashfest is currently underway, celebrating all things slash and femmeslash in the FMA series. Please come check us out!

We've got lots of things going on right now. At the Prompt Claiming Post, authors and artists alike may lay claim to some of the many prompts available. We have lots of Ling/Ed prompts of all ratings and type!

At the Recommendation Post, we are collecting a list of existing works so that everyone can go back and enjoy what's already been drawn and written (all yaoi and yuri pairings in any of the FMA series). Please stop by and add your picks!
Title: By the Sounding Sea
Characters: Ling/Ed
Rating: G for really quite worksafe
Medium: Drawing tablet and Photoshop. Experimenting with some new (to me) digital painting techniques.
Notes: Illustration/cover image for vwl's Nothing Gold, which comes thoroughly recommended by me.

Worksafe arts this way.
Title: That's What You Get
Rating: R, Ed and his potty mouth
Pairing: Ling/Ed
Summary: That didn't go quiet as expected.

( the many ways you know you love me )
Title: the difference between 6 and 9
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): Ed/Ling, implied Ed/Greed
Word Count: 450
Summary: Takes place during the Camping Trip of Doom (a la enemytosleep and bob_fish.)  Ed can't figure out anything – not Ling, not Greed, and not himself.
Warnings: Introspective nonexplicit smut
Notes: For bob_fish, who prompted me with "Ed/Ling, cold noses".

Title: Cultural Sensitivity
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Ed/Ling (gennish slash?)
Word Count: 600
Summary: Ling thinks Ed needs to appreciate Xingese culture better. Ed thinks Ling needs to shut his damn mouth.
Warnings: language, implications
Notes: Written for the anonygift 2011 round at fmagiftexchange for the prompt "Ed/Ling: Xingese traditions - weaving flowers on the Ox's horn."

Cultural Sensitivity
Title: The Prince and the Pasta
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Words: 292
Characters: Roy, Ed, Ling  ^_^
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Summary/Other Info: Roy was not fond of Ling and Ling being fond of Ed was only making matters worse. 

Roy could have kicked the prince in his royal jewels.

Title: Our Tapestry, Unwoven
Author: Kagome
Series: Brotherhood/the manga
Word Count: 2,334
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Ling/Ed.
Summary: There are no goodbyes.
Warnings: some language, sexual references, Ling being… well, Ling, a bit of sap.
Notes: They made me do it. *LOL*

(Our Tapestry, Unwoven)